Regardless of any idea or social stigma that subsists to unite or destroy societal relationship, it should always be a means to improve the quality of our social life. Those ideas are indeed a gentle reminder of the imperfections and fallibilities of human beings. Contrarily, certain nouvelle idée like “Chinese Social Credit System” standardises the economic and social reputation of the citizens via social credits and evaluation. This merely destroys the relationship between the individual and society.

Now how does such nouvelle idée influence the society?

Well, akin to the difficulties in reintegrating an ex-convict into society, these social credits also become a lifelong baggage, irrespective of the personal evolution and morality. When our evolving and dynamic culture, social norms, etiquette and political correctness becomes the bench mark of such social credits, tagged along with our emotional, social and mental vulnerabilities (that differentiate us from machines and automated behaviour),the debate is on how accurate  these credits will be and to what standard ?

Orthodoxy is unconsciousness


Now, imagine how embellished an idea will it be, when our thoughts are being judged, evaluated,  credited and even punished. Definition of crime changes from point of action to point of birth of an idea. It is then that we need to define what liberty is, understand the boundaries of liberty.

The existence of free consciousness is what defines freedom and liberty. Apart from the emotional sentiments and common sense, it is this consciousness which reiterates our thought process to realize our mistakes, to find new solutions and to improve the existing knowledge. This consciousness helps us to understand the world and environment around us that have been here for eternity.

“Who controls the past controls the future

who controls the present controls the past”


Presently, the neglect of this free consciousness defines the polity of the world. Democracy and development are yet to be a married couple . A democratic establishment in a socialist society always leads to development, but a slow one. Moreover, the momentum of development sacrifices liberty and freedom to some extent.

Now how different might then a fast paced development be in a capitalist society?

The judgment taken on who all will enjoy the privilege of power in the society determines the so called development. Development means not that some one is improving but rather some one is left behind. This is why development is a slow process.Irrespective of being capitalistic or socialistic society, this privilege of choice; to not be the untouchables defines the essentiality and existence of Power.

The constant tug of war between individual freedom and societal responsibilities is what constitutes the diverse polity in the world.


1984 by George Orwell



1984 by George Orwell is a book that portrays a completely imaginary world but in every aspect showcases  the very existing world and society.“They were like ant, which can see small objects but not large ones” . The author trails a path unusual to the regular readers and like the ants; the smaller objects seemed more real on a larger scale but coveted with imaginary lies.The existence of human is beautifully portrayed in a non existential world.A politically and socially challenging story which pushes your thoughts to ponder and wander along the basics of human life and sustenance.


I would highly recommend you to read 1984 by George Orwell if the above musings sought your attention. Feel free to check out the link if you are interested in purchasing the book,  1984  by George Orwell.



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