Cosmic universe and spirituality

Alchemy Of Spirituality

If religion is God then spirituality is what constitutes God. Beyond the sacred texts and scriptures of various religions, the idea of divinity is still open to interpretations and to

The Birth of Masters and Slaves

Regardless of any idea or social stigma that subsists to unite or destroy societal relationship, it should always be a means to improve the quality of our social life. Those

How men and women coexist?

This is an infamously fictional Victorian amatory. Infamous, not because of the author, literature or writing style but strictly on its social depiction. When industrial revolution in the Victorian era strangled


Tale of East and West

It has been centuries now, since human had acknowledged earth as previously flat disc but now as an endless sphere; where our cultural and social illusions are expounded by east

Art Of Success And Failure

Life has now become an endeavor for all of us to attain the outlandish future, whether it is to become rich, to help others, to exist or to the survival


An Ode to Stranger

Dear stranger, It’s been long since I have actually taken myself seriously in front of a paper and pen.I know that I am a stranger but regard me as loyal


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