Cosmic universe and spirituality

Alchemy Of Spirituality

Tale of East and West

Art Of Success And Failure

An Ode to Stranger

The Birth of Masters and Slaves

How men and women coexist?

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Alchemy Of Spirituality

Cosmic universe and spirituality
If religion is God then spirituality is what constitutes God. Beyond the sacred texts and scriptures of various religions, the idea of divinity is still open to interpretations and to philosophical perspectives. How do we then define our life and spirituality if we neither have seen the beginning nor will live off the end? Alchemy of spirituality differs from religion as it is a journey from ignorance to truth and the latter being rather a social enterprise.

Tale of East and West

It has been centuries now, since human had acknowledged earth as previously flat disc

An Ode to Stranger

Dear stranger, It’s been long since I have actually taken myself seriously in front

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