Founded byJean-Martin Fortier and his wife, Les Jardins de LaGrelinette, is an internationally recognised 10-acre micro-farm. Only 1.5 acres are cultivated in permanent beds, using bio-intensive growing methods. In the last decade, the focus at LaGrelinette has been to grow better, not bigger. To optimise the cropping system, they use low-tech solutions and place heavy emphasis on intelligent farm design, appropriate technologies and harnessing the power of soil biology as their key components to successful farming. You can find more about their methods in Jean-Martin Fortier’s book, The Market Gardener.

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The farm grosses more than $100 000 per acre, with operating margins of about 50%, enough to financially sustain the family. Every week, the market garden produces enough vegetables to feed over 200 families. The low-tech strategy kept start-up costs to a minimum, and overhead expenses low. The farm became profitable after only a few years, and he claims they have never felt the pinch of financial pressure.